Alyssa-Marie Papaleo

LittleMiss Alyssa-Marie Papaleo-Born to walk away, been walking my whole life. Don't Play Hard To get, With A Girl Thats Hard To get
"Everything that I do is a mix of light and dark." -Alania Beaton (PorcelainBlack)
Any Photographers, Models, MUAs, Designers, Etc Are Welcome To Like My Page (anyone as well) /thitrainwreck. If You Wish To Work Together, Expand Portfolios, Or Share Ideas, You Can Reach Me At My Email.
I Enjoy Going To The Lake, Spending Time With Friends, 4-Wheeling, Concerts, Mini Advantures, Dancing, Watching Movies In Bed, Swimming, Playing Spider Solitaire, Being Around Family, Helping Others, Eating, Camping, Snuggling With My Dog, Fixing Cars If I Have Help, Challenging Myself Physically, Trying New Things, BlastinSomeFrieghts, Summer Nights, And Just Letting Go.
If You Act Obscenely Rude, Or Offend Me In Any Way I Will Deny & Block You Without Hesitation.
If You Can't Respect That Then You Dont Have To Associate With Me, Although I Will Always Be Civil.
Im Nice. I Love Music. I Love To Dance, And Go 4 Wheeling, Camping And Concerts. Photography Is My Passion. Im Working Hard To Get To Places I Need To Be, And Pretty Much Doing It On My Own. I Have People That Allow Me To Be Apart Of Their Life, And I Am Grateful For Those People.

Alyssa-Marie Papaleo By Birth. I'm Italian So I Talk Alot, Loud & With My Hands. I Attend College, Majoring In Photography. My Hair Color Does Not Reflect My Attitude, Or How I Act, The Clothes I Wear Do Not Define Me, I'm Simply Chossing A Charater To Portray, But They All Little Parts Of Me. I Have Changed Alot To Get Where I Am Today. The Girl You May Have Known May Not Be the Same Girl I Am Now.